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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A new start of 3rd Semester

semester 3 berkunjung tiba, n xlama lagi maka bermula lah cuti raya.. sekejap sahaja rsenye, hmpir 2 bulan sudah semester 3 bermula.. time flies..
anyway, nk cer jgk lah the sweet n bitter of my life dlm permulaan semester ni.. before this sem started, i was one of the Pemimpin MDS (orientation week for the juniors).. it was fun n seriously, i learned a lot of new things.. plus, knowing new people really enlighten my life.. for example, AISAR AHMAD.. before this, aku knl dia hny pada nama.. tgur2 mcm tu jelah.. becoz of orentation week, IPROKHAS n sbgnye, i got to know him more.. mungkin sudh ditakdirkan, he is now my housemate.. haha.. still in the process of getting to know each other, like people always said, there will be a lot of obstacles of building a strong friendship.. so sar, sorry for any inconvenience or any wrong doings that i made.. Semoga sahabat dunia akhirat.. InsyaAllah..
besides than him, MUHAMMAD and AIMAN are my new housemates as well.. i knew these 2 quiet a long time already, tp mcm tu jelah.. pun dlm proses nk knl lbh dalam hati budi msing2, for now, they r just what i expected.. AIMAN is a funny guy, u can talk anything to him, he will gives u responds.. U will never feel afraid to talk to him, although sometimes the responds that u get from him are weird and unexpected.. MUHAMMAD, owh yea, im going to INDIA with him.. which means, ill be seeing him for another 6 years.. the period will be extended if we are destined to work at the same place after finishing our studies.. He is a nice guy, easy to talk to.. n things get easier for me since he sells topup, by that, i dont hav to walk far anymore to reload my credit.. hehe.. I always talk to him, mayb because among all, he is the one yang btol2 sekepala.. apa2 pun, sincerely speaking, kdg2 rse neglected gak.. AISAR, AIMAN and MUHAMMAD already knew each other and they hav strong bonds among them, making me a bit hard to fit in.. They are the JPKC, they went to a lot of places together, ran a lot of activities together, so for me to squeeze in between them, it takes a lot of courage n times.. Sometimes, i rather be quiet becoz i just dunno what to talk to them.. I always pray that things will get better day by day.. N hope they can accept me for who I really am.. InsyaAllah
ALiS CREW.. another new thing for me.. never expected to join, until one day, HAZIQ and KAK FIZAH asked me to join IPROKHAS, not as participant, but as PEMBANTU FASILITATOR.. from that, i got to know more people.. More new friends.. Until now, the friendship among the crews seems to be so strong.. TQ to everyone in ALiS for accpting me into the team.. Hope to gain more benefits by joining all of ya..
There are a lot more to write.. but time does not allow me to do so.. to be continued when i am really free.. thats all for now.. happy weekend! :-)


ahmadhaziq said...

nama aku ade..terharunya.. :D

Shazwan Sazali said...

haha.. credit to haziq :-)