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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bingkasan 2011

12.45 am, 22 November 2011.. Here I am, in front of the desktop, feeling happy for Malaysia team which just won the gold medal in the sea games.. sbnrnye dh lme plan nk bwat garapan ni, even sblum ni dh ad draft dh pun, tp nth mcm mne, draft tu leh plak terdelete.. its ok then, rewrite jelah, plus excited nk tulis ni, nothing to do cuti2 sem ni.. here we go..

1st of January.. I went to celeb new year @ bb.. seriously, sgt trkjut ngan keadaan kat sne.. heard a few of tourists yg kate “I thought Malaysia is a muslim country..” smpai mcm tu skali.. yelah, bdk2 in the middle of the road, some of them yg drunk, some of them yg half naked, cant imagine yg keadaan seteruk mcm tu.. terkejut sbb mostly melayu, to be more specific, Islam.. mmg some of ppl akn kate I am lame, psl ni pun nk ungkit, but hey, we r still muslims, n there r boundaries that we should take cre of. We r giving bad impression to others sbnrnye.. nk kate menyesal prgi, xde lah, at least I saw what was happening n still happening to our society. Bangga juga sbnrnye when I saw some of the muslims yg still bertugas to make sure that conditions were under control. Badan pencegah maksiat giat melakukan tugasan, ape2 pun, menjadi tugas kite bersama utk make sure that gejala ni dpt diatasi one day, insyaAllah..

2nd semester in INTEC.. still PBSM (persatuan balik setiap minggu) awal2 tu.. biaselh, someone yg dh biase living kat KL and xprnh duk asrama, its hard for me for not to go back every weekend.. haha.. but luckily, my housemates in cendana were so cool.. They were very fun to hang out with.. they thought me the meaning of Islam, the way that we should convey ourselves.. Plus, I learn the meaning of true friendship.. they were there for me when I needed them.. ble dh lme ngan dorg, my life in INTEC was getting better, n last2, tergugur keahlian PBSMku.. stay ngan dorg during weekend, kdg2 xbwat pe pun, main game, borak nth pape, but still, it was very fun.. xlupa jgk when we were still in cendana, me n my housemates love to play pillow fight.. bpe bnyk bantal yg dh hancus, credit to che pah yg snggup korbankn bantal sendiri shingga terkuar sume bulu2 yg ptt.. haha.. tgk muka Ain time pillow fight, dh mcm nk perang dh.. serious cuak.. when I played the game with him, I will stop playing whenever he made the face.. haha.. horrible.. but ain, u were a tough fighter.. haha.. mun pun cuak ngan hang.. owh yea, Mun, someone yg always there for me.. love to talk with him, n die lah yg slalu rebut tilam ngan aku.. xkish pun, sharing is caring, ye idak? Hehe.. to irsyad, ok, sgt kecik ble ckp ngan die, ilmu sma tggi ngan height die tuh.. haha.. just kdg2, sgt klkr ble tgk die, especially time nk kjut pagi.. romantic kowt.. haha.. zakirin, weeeeeeee, xnk ckp bnyk lh, segan.. haha.. :p

1st of May, my birthday.. ok let me recall what happened. I was sitting in front of my laptop, finishing my bio report.. since isyak, I saw my housemate mcm xkeruan, skjap duk blik, skjap kuar blik, n kdg2 duk blik rmai sembang ape nth.. I was preparing myself for fight-or-flight situation sbnrnye.. hehe.. n tetibe, when the clock was closing to 12 am, fawzul came to my room.. senyum2, n he sat besides me.. blum smpat pape, the room was dark n kek msuk.. aww, haha, sgt sweet of my frens.. dorg came in with cakes, dgn lilin sume.. sgt trkjut, n I thought that was the only surprised.. after dh nyanyi2, suddenly apek asked me to go out jap.. xtrfkir pe yg akn jd, so I went out.. n suddenly, aizul n azri came out form blik sblh with 2 baldi air n jirus kat aku.. tersgt lh kejam.. blum sempat aku nk bwat, a few packets of tepung landed on my head.. pnuh satu floor tu ngan tepung.. sian zul, xpsl2 die kene ngan aku.. haha, apek lh bleh sorok dlm toilet, n when I came after him, he ran away until trlnggap sink smpai pecah.. haha.. havoc giler mlm tuh.. blum hbs ag, knon2 lh dorg nk ended up everything n nk kemas all the mess yg dorg dh bwat.. mop pny mop, after that, air mop yg dorg dh perah msuk dlm baldi, dicurahkn on me.. yg best, air2 sedap tu got in my mouth.. argh, rasa dia, pergh, kaw hbs..!! bising giler mlm tu, smpai pak guard naik.. mule2 skem dh warned dh yg pak guard was on his way up, tp sume ingt yg skem was doing another prank.. tp rupe2nye btol.. haha.. bwat dunno jelah kn.. anyway, it was superb cool guys.. I enjoyed myself, seriously, I really did.. thxs to all yg involve.. not to forget, abg nash, ain, madi n azre who came to intec to celeb my birthday as well.. sush2 je masak all the way from KL, serious guys, sgt trharu..

Hbs sem 2.. cpt mse brlalu.. time cuti, we hang out as usual.. some of my frens came over to my house for a few days be4 going back to their hometown.. this is when I got to know Aisar.. a Kelantanese who I never talk to before.. mayb pnh, but just bg salam or just simply about work.. nothing personal or yg sewktu dgnnya.. he came to my house, n he chose me to be his subordinate (haha, lme xgne prkataan ni) for orientasi short course.. yea, he was the leader n I was his penolong.. orientasi utk short course sgt mncbr.. we r not given any latihan or what so ever, just bantuan from lecturers yg trlibat, itu pun nsb bek dorg ad.. 1st day of the orientation week agak kelam kabut.. some of them dtg without any documents or files since dorg bru dpt tau psl offer from sponsors msing2.. owh yea, sblum trlupa, nk share lh jgk psl 1 parent ni.. she came to me n asked bout my course. I said I am doing alevel medic n going to pursue my study later in India.. she was shocked by saying, “owh, knp prgi India?” and was asking bout my spm result.. to cut short, she was underestimating me, n other seniors yg akn ke india.. I know india is not as good as US or UK dr segi social life n sbgnye, but hey, sheikh muszafar studied in india n look at him now.. kn? Anyway xkish pun, typical parents, just wish them all d best.

Aisar best.. die sorg kwn yg fun to talk to.. even though he told me he is not a good listener n dislike of hearing ppl stories which r not important, I got along with him well... after orientasi, we got to know each other better.. n coincidently, I was called by HEP to be the fasi for IPROKHAS n aisar pun ad skali.. he sat besides me in the bus, n we talked bout a lot of stuff.. rsenye dlm bus tu, kiteorg dua yg ckp plg bnyk.. hehe.. plus, time tu xknl lagi rakan2 KTJ n ALIS yg lain, biaselah, kite ni junior ALIS lagi time tuh.. hehe.. arrived at Asahan, at 1st I was not in the same room with aisar, pakat pny pakat, we got the same room.. lagi lah kn, haha, mlm2 lmbt tido, pagi2 pas subuh baring balik.. nama je fasi, nsb bek xlmbt sgt g dewan, klu x, haram jaddu.. hehe.. owh yea, we got very close time iprokhas.. time tu bru sedar, owh sbnrnye, aisar is not the one that I thought before.. someone yg hny mix along ngan geng2 die.. he’s cool.. J

MINGGU DESTINI SISWA.. again, I was called to be one of the facilitators.. what so fun about this week was the experience in Azween resort.. Sebelum mds, kiteorg hav to go for kursus dlu, for team building.. There, I met someone yg used to know before, tp xdelah rapat sgt – aiman. N turn out he becomes my roommate now.. haha.. knl die time f4, prefect KL pny gathering kat Sri Garden. Well, I thought he was the head prefect of his school.. he has the charisma, fun to talk to. Mse kat azween, his bed was next to mine.. so mlm mse nk rehat tu kire mcm reunion gak lah, err.. haha.. we talked, got to know each other more.. I talked about my past, n he talked about his. A very good listener.. More to talk about this guy later.. hehe.. Back to MDS, Alhamdulillah, everything went well.. As the leader of this year MDS, I was a bit disappointed when we let Mr Kesh down during the 2nd day, however we manage to handle everything well for the remaining days.. Yg plg xbleh lupa, we planned to prank mr kesh.. This time, involving Cikgu Hassan.. Mr kesh, if u read this, im very sorry.. haha.. idea miss ferry anyway, saya yang menurut perintah.. muke mr kesh yg suspen, cuak tu is still in my head.. haha, cant believe die kene ngan kiteorg mentah2 je.. terbaik lah semua.. everything about mds is so sweet.. I got to know new people, new frens, n the most important is, I got to know the meaning of friendship and togetherness.. J

Hello 3rd semester! Woi, cpt giler tua.. mse berlalu dgn sgt pantas.. Can’t believe dh jd senior in INTEC.. New semester, new college, new roomies.. Aisar, aiman and mad.. 3 of them bleh dikatakan well-known in INTEC.. all of them are JPK, n they are friendly, so xdelah trkejut klu nk kate dorg ni dikenali ramai.. Bilik atas pun sume JPK jgk.. in short, im surrounded by all the JPK.. haha.. during the 1st and 2nd semester, my impression for them were not really good.. yea, they walked only among themselves, they talked among themselves, so rse mcm dorg x bergaul ngan org len.. as for me yg duk kat KL, I was like, “what the heck with these people, duhh?” ha, mcm tu lah.. haha.. asl I sounded like b**ch sgt ni? Never bother.. until now, my ego sgt tggi.. those who knows me tau lh kn how shazwan sazali really am... xkn tgur org klu org xtgur.. it is not a good behavior, I know, changing2! InsyaAllah becoming someone better nanti.. thxs to ICODE, I started to know them one by one, and turn out, they are like what have been thought.. ok lah, giler2, u know, jenis mcm tu, I like being with them, even though I am not JPK and its sound so weird when they call me JPK+1, as if that “1” is referring me.. huhu.. back to the story.. ble sebilik ngan dorg, ade 1 feeling yg bwat aku rse sgt sush nk mix in.. yea, dorg sume dh lme knl, bonding between them sgt giler kuat babeng.. sometimes they talked thing which I know nothing about.. blur ayam jap.. nthen, kdg2 ble ckp ngan dorg rse mcm xmsuk. Xtau knp.. so I tried to blend in.. mcm2 bnda pelik aku bwat, especially mse birthday aisar.. aku bwat prank kne kn die.. rmai yg aku tarik utk involve skali, poor guy, kne torture mentally for a week.. huhu… I thought it will make us closer, but tgk2 aisar was a bit shocked with what I did.. so sorry for that bro, never thought of that coming.. menyesal pun ad, tp nk wat cne, just hope that u forgive me n it gives u memory which make u unable to forget us, or me to be specific.. huhu.. I did all of that for good sbnrnye.. hope u understand..

Aiman.. my roommate.. haha.. mule2 awkward gak ngan die ni.. jenis yg xkish dunia nk terbalik pun xpe, jnji xkco hidup die.. kdg2 klu kco hidup die pun die xkish.. ad gak manusia seHAVOC die ni kn.. tp dlm keHAVOCan die ni, die jenis yang setia, utuh pd relationship.. whenever I got problem, he came to me and asked.. plus, he is one of my colleagues in ORBIC (organisasi bahas intec).. sgt rjin buat kerja, a very good leader and very good follower.. Pnh minx die bwat ini and itu, jrg sekali die bangkang, n hasil kerja die sgt bgus.. mcm Hari Induksi Orbic, we managed to settle sume dlm sehari je.. haha.. die pun teman borak smpai pagi buta.. kcian tol lh dorg ni dpt roomy like me who talks a lot.. huhu.. sorry for that.. but seriously, xpnh nyesal knl korg, even though kdg2 rse mcm sush nk blend in ngan korg, but korg xkish with my existence.. Aiman, serious, gonna miss u man ble ko dh fly Ireland nnt, u r just simply one of the best I have ever met..

Mad.. I knew him since the 1st semester, tp mcm2 tu je lah.. we met at the stadium, when I know die jual prepaid pny reload.. and then a few days later, he sat beside me in the bus and we talked.. bru tau die bdk saser, bla bla bla, sume2 cliché pny perbualan.. haha.. u know what I mean.. never thought he can got close to me, until mse raya, he came to my house.. itu satu, then kiteorg hangout rmai2 kat KL, n die tny, “wan, aku tido umah ko mlm ni bleh, sbb sowk aku nk prgi umah kwn aku”.. so I called my mom, n she said no prob.. oleh itu, haha, I let him stayed in my house for a night.. fyi, he is the 1st fren from intec who stayed at my house and he is the one yg plg bnyk dtg my house.. kire2 mayb ad lah dlm 10 kali.. mayb lebih.. im fine with dat, mule2 mmg lh janggal, becoz I dunno him much, but from time to time, kiteorg chat and got to know each other, n here we are, housemate dh.. hehe.. he is freaking damn friendly.. mse mula2 knl tu, rse mcm dh 10 tahun knl.. especially when he talked to my family, as if he knows my family dh lme giler.. bleh byg x, he woke up during subuh, then die prgi dapur, nmpk my mom ngah masak n trus tny, “mak cik, ad nk tolong masak x?” haha.. I was there, and what can I do was only laugh.. im going to india with him.. he is now my besty, talk to him about everything, even kdg2 mlm, we chat until xsedar dh subuh.. mad is every1’s fav.. kdg2 rse mcm layak ke nk ngaku die besty, sbb rmai je yg close to him.. the answer is only with him J

Ma’am.. haha.. that’s what my frens have been calling Aida.. simply a girl I just got to know this semester.. 1st semester, xknl org, 2nd sem, bru start knl org including aida tp knl2 mcm tu lah.. 3rd sem bru start rapat.. thxs to orbic yg sdkit sbnyk merapatkan aku dgn rmai org.. When I started to know her, I thought she is another girl yg giler2 kind.. ala faham2 lh kn.. tp lame2 knl, she is different from what I thought.. she is there whenever I need someone to talk to.. n when I am sad, she is there to make me laugh.. together with her fren fuzah, leh giler kepala otak.. haha.. they are frens to a fren of mine, Ain Nabilah.. xpnh sgka, org yg slalu jd music background when Ain called me, rupenye2 fuzah n aida yg dh pun rapat ngan aku skrg ni.. ble dh rapat, org pun start lh scandal kn, biaselh tu.. klu deny, mkin menjd2, so diam2 jelah.. plus, me n aida never bother pun org nk ckp pe.. we did nothing wrong, n msing2 ok je ngan life skrg.. at least when I need a girl’s opinion, aida is there for me.. kn aida? Hehe.. sorry for all the mistakes I have ever done.. n hrp ur 1st impression towards ne tu dh hilg, sbb that was totally not right.. haha.. syukur of knowing u da, insyaAllah pershbtn dilindungi Allah S.W.T.

A lot of things happen this semester.. Semester ni bnyk mengajar aku erti persahabatan.. dan juga, what I learnt is, we cant count on ppl too much.. sometimes, kite hny boleh depends on ourselves sbb org yg kite sgka akan ad utk kite will not be there pun.. bkn nak kate we hav to live alone, no, but we hav to prepare ourselves that ad possibilities yg we hav to stand by our own utk keadaan trtntu.. n percaya mne pun kite kat someone, there should be 1 perasaan berjaga-jaga dlm diri kite to prepare for fight-or-flight situation.. mayb org yg kite prcya tu betray kite, so dgn perasaan berjaga-jaga tu lah yg akn make us live and grow stronger.. papepun, hargai friendship becoz friendship yg baik tu xkn dtg slalu, ble mse trtntu je Allah akan kurniakn dkat kite, kite je yg xsdar shingga kdg2 kite trlupa yg prbuatan kite melukakan hati rakan kite.. smpailah kwn kite tu dh xd, bru kite nk nyesal.. by that time, don’t u think it is just a little too late? Xlupe, just be ourselves. Sbb pe, I can say this sem, aku byk cube utk mnjd org lain utk puaskn hati sesetgh pihak.. tp dlm cuti2 ni trfkir plak, if mmg dorg kwn yg baik, they can accept me for what I am.. yg baik tu kekalkn, yg bruk tu dijdkn teladan, but if org still xleh trima kite mcm tu, back off je, we don’t need org yg xpndai nk hrgai org lain in our life.. they only amek kesempatan ke ats kite and ble kite sush, die xde pun for us.. ppl like that, watch out je.. J apa2 pun, to my new housemates, u guys are simply the best.. miss u guys already..


afiqah humaira said...

ske post nie:)...gambatte ne!!!:)

~Wanney~ said...

liked ur message about friendship!!.. nice 2011 life.. hehe.. =)