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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


"If I got you, I don't need money, I don't need cars, girl you are my all..."

Ever heard of this song? Yea, WITH YOU sang by Chris Brown.. Wonderful song.. JB sang that song before.. One of the reasons why he got so famous nowadays (dont ever think that i am one of his fans).. Anyway, im not going to talk about the song.. Its not my job.. I'm not Randy Jackson or so called the famous Simon Cowell.. I just wanna describe a bit part of the lyrics in that song.. The line that i just type above.. From that part, I thought of something.. FRIENDSHIP.. If you really care n sincere in ur friendship, u wont even bother whether ur friend owns a car, or whether he is anak Dato or anak Tan Sri.. U will accept him just the way he or she is.. (Bruno Mars' song came across my mind).. 

Me? I dont really mind who my friends really are.. He/ she can be from KL, or even from FELDA KAHANG (no offence AMAN, hehe).. As long as he/she fulfilled the following criteria:

My friends should be sincere in our relationship.. They become friends of mine not becoz of what i owned, but who i am.. If I throw away my car, throw away my money, just an ordinary guy that doesnt even exist under the google map, they will still stick with me.. When i laugh, or even when i cry, they will still accept me.. THEY WILL ACCEPT ME JUST THE WAY I AM..

Symbiosis - Parasitism, Commensalism and Mutualism.. Commensalism is fine.. I will gain benefit from them, and they will gain benefit from me.. Both win.. Both success.. No problem with that.. Mutualism? Sometimes ok, sometimes, no no.. When they gain too much advantage from me, and i gain nothing, if its too often, it makes me feel that im being used.. Im glad to help, but u know, there is a feeling which makes me think that they become my friend just to gain something from me.. Parasitism? TOTALLY not right.. U gain and i loss? If its for good, i dont mind, seriously.. BUT if its like killing me from the back, ah ha, u'll get back what u give.. HAHA.. :p

When im not there, they will think of me.. For instance, a group of my friends are eating burgers bought from Burger King.. And i'm not there.. They will save a burger for me later on when i present.. (Err, lame example, but u get the idea right? huhu).. And when they make promises, they fulfill them.. Fot example, they say, "Shazwan, best bud forever!" and they will act like how best buds should act.. Not only literally, but mentally and physically.. U know what im saying? huhu.. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS KAWAN2..

Tgh nangis ke, tgh sedih ke, tgh gembira ke, tgh sakit hati, dia akan ada.. Xkisah lah ape yg terjadi.. Plus, dia akan tau dgn sndirinya klu ad sumthing wrong yg terjadi.. They will come to me n ask whether im ok or not.. Bukan masa senang je dorg akan ada.. And when i'm not around, they will ask me where do i go or when will i come back.. Tanya bila nk balik bkn sbb nk pnjm barang ke pe ke, tp sbb mmg nk aku balik.. Ha, kwn mcm tu, its hard to find, but there are still a few of them out there tgh berlari2 anak.. hehe

THEY WILL CHEER ME UP instead of making me sad and angry.. Adatlah, in a relationship, friends got in fight, quarrel bout silly things, but last2, berbaik semula.. Baik semula n the bond will get stronger.. Baik semula je xbagus jgk, mendatar je tahap ukhuwah tu.. No No, friendship is just like jigsaw puzzle, u fill my emptiness, n i'll fill urs, together lengkapkan kehidupan.. :-)

 Owh no no no, xd jealous2 dgn kwn ni.. If kwn berjaya, kita tmpang gembira.. Bukan kita pendam dlm hati sntiasa nk berlumba2 dgn dia.. Pastu klu ad sumthing yg beri die kebaikan, kita cuba sedaya upaya utk halang.. Kwn apa ni? COMPETITION AMONG FRIENDSHIP ALWAYS END UP IN HATRED.. I really need friends who will support me in whatever i do.. Build me, complete me.. InsyaAllah, i'll do the same to them..

Banyak lagi lah sbnrnye kriteria2.. But, to summarize, i just need a friend who is loyal, sincere and honest in friendship.. Xpentingkan diri.. Yang always love me, accept me just the way i am.. Thank you kepada kwn2 yg melengkapi ciri2 di atas, yg belum tuh, huhu, no comment.. I'll try to be the best for you, hoping u'll be the same, but just so u know, i wont hope much, sbb MANUSIA LAIN2 WARNA KULIT.. Aku layan baik mcm mana pun, blum tntu dia akan lyn aku mcm tu.. Semoga bahagia dunia akhirat lah ye.. InsyaAllah, kwn yang baik tu akan seiring ke FIRDAUS nanti.. sama2 kita doakan.. Ok, thats all for now.. 2 more papers to go, come on come on! wish us all the best yea readers! ASSALAMUALAIKUM :-)

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nazzrin ismail said...

Hye! Selepas membacanya.. Sebenarnya sudah dtemui rakan yang dsenaraikan criteria tu.. Cuma biarlh empunya diri sahaja yang menilai.. Memilih sahabat bukan mudah dan bukan payah. Fikirkan sedalamnya. Yg paling mudah utk dinilai apabila kita menangis, apabila kita ketawa dan apabila kita ssh. Itulah yg paling sesuai utk dinilai. Fikirkan, sedalam laut direnang tidak mudah dicari permata yang ada..