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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2007 - 2011??

Wah, it has been 4 years since i visit my own blog.. haha.. it is the time to update my blog again.. hmm, what had happened during this 4 years? hell lot.. but basically, im no longer a student in secondary school.. im 19 now, n has entered a college or so known as preparation centre in shah alam.. met a lot of new ppl.. met a lot of new frens.. at first, it was hard for me to mix around, becoz most of my frens here were from the same school while im alone, the only one from SMK Zon R1 Wangsa Maju.. imagine when u dunno any1 while the others are enjoying reuniting with their colleagues.. haha, it is hard to break the ice, isnt it? but it does not take me a lot of times to get to know ppl in intec, or specifically, in cendana.. they are very friendly, n willing to let me join them, as if i was from their school as well..
there are a lot to write, but i have to go for now, hav to fetch my sister.. ill update my blog sooner or later.. so long and farewell!

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