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Saturday, May 28, 2011

April, May and June 2010

Lets finish up what I have started..

April.. I quit my job.. again.. hehe, but this time is becoz, I was so bz applying for scholarships, university, colleges, well, that was what I supposed to do, isn’t it? I applied for petronas sponsorship, JPA scholarship, Honda, Khazanah, so on and so forth. Lets talk about petronas 1st.. huhu.. I applied, n luckily, I was shortlisted, so they called me to attend Educamp in Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). They actually picked the “right” students from the camp.. I met my friend, ATA, there.. He is almost like me, I mean, we share common characteristics.. he was a debater, I was a debater, he loves to talk, same here.. hehe.. if he studied in SMK Zon R1 Wangsa Maju, for sure he will be my best fren.. haha.. great knowing u man.. Lets talk about the camp again.. to all my juniors, after spm, plz dun 4get everythinh that u hav learned, becoz if u wanna apply for sponsorship or scholarship like petronas, they will ask u or test u things that u learned during f4 n f5.. That happened to me.. my brain cant function properly when I was tested with chem and phy questions.. I almost 4got everything I learned.. haha.. that was the 1st part.. the 2nd part will be the interview session.. they asked me about drugs.. lets not talk about this, It was kinda boring.. huhu.. JPA! The scholarship that I wish to get ever since I was a child.. I got so excited when anyone talk about it. Anyway, I applied for it, n I was called to attend Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor in HKL.. u know what we did there? Well, we went to dffrnt department, learned about a lot of new things.. Owh yea, the doctor took us to the forensic unit as well, where they do postmortem (dead body).. When I was there, I was lucky (bleh la) becoz there were 2 dead bodies getting ready to be examined.. the 1st one was a child.. poor kid, child abuse I guess, I can see a lot of bruises around his body.. the 2nd one was a woman, well, she died after a few months of labour.. the doctor let us watched the whole process.. so cool I was able to watch it, experience.. then, a few weeks later, they called me again for the interview session in Putrajaya.. haha.. we (5 candidates) entered a small room, where 2 interviewers were sitting there waiting for us.. at first, they asked us to introduce ourselves in BM.. then, they started to ask about cancer, health insurance, stuffs like that, this time, evrthing should be in english.. I dunno how I performed.. I was really hoping that they will choose me..

May.. lets talk about my birthday 1st.. for a week, I felt sumthing strange.. my frens were staying away from me.. my bro was not as usual as well.. things were really2 weird.. then, ain called me, n she said she was planning to celebrate my birthday at KLCC, and a lot of ppl were invited.. when we were at KLCC, things were still awkward.. they didn’t talk to me much.. like I was not there.. especially Abg Nashriq.. after watching movie, they accompanied me back.. before reaching my house, I remembered merwin told me that abg nashriq was planning sumthin n I should be careful.. so I lied to them by saying that my parents were going to pick me up.. haha, but, It didn’t work.. what happened was, they threw to me a packet of flour! N I was wearing a black shirt at that time.. imagine how “WHITE” I was that time.. huhu.. n I got to know that the whole not-to-talk-to-shazwan thing was just a plan to kacau me.. huhu.. seriously guys, don’t ever do that again! Thx to my bro as well since he prepared 2 cards for me, one full with wishes and signatures from half of the students in the school, and another one wishes from himself.. it was really meaningful.. tq.. :-) ok, enough with the birthday thing, lets talk about other stuffs.. owh yea, I was not selected by petronas, but they gave me a place in UTP as a private student, meaning that I hav to pay everything by myself.. a semester, almost 7000 tu.. huhu.. I received offers from Matriks Banting, Uitm Bukit Mertajam and a few IPTS, but since UTP is a big thing, so my parents said that I should go for it, and they were willing to pay all the fees.. so, I went to UTP.. one day before I went to UTP, my frens and my bro planned a party.. we enjoyed ourselves until mse nk balik tu.. Farewell.. huhu.. well, this is life.. setiap pertemuan msti ade perpisahan.. so sad.. huhu.. but, life must goes on.. when I reached UTP the next day, I found out that I was the only one that brought the least thing to UTP.. only 2 bags, a big and a small one.. others? Whoa.. some of them even brought 5 big bags.. haha.. I entered my room, n my roommate was already in the room.. his name is Jazli, from Penang.. we got to know each other, n yea, he was nice, we could get along well.. the 1st week in UTP was the orientation week, so everything was handled by the seniors.. some of them were nice, but there are a few of them yang…… phm2 jelah.. tough week, especially when it came to the discipline slot.. my mind was not really in UTP by that time actually.. I was thinking about JPA scholarship that was supposed to be announced on Friday, that week.. On Thursday, my frens in UTP noticed that my mind was to sumthing else.. they asked so I told them.. haha.. trust me, not only me yg mengharapkan JPA tu.. 1st, becoz i wish for that scholarship from kecik.. 2nd, if I stayed in UTP, my parents hav to spend a lot.. so I prayed, I prayed, and I prayed so that Allah will give me a chance to get what I wished for.. On Friday, mase smbhyg Jumaat, I texted all teachers, family, frens to pray for me as well.. giler desperate kn.. haha.. by 3.00 pm, my parents said that the JPA server was jammed.. not surprise, thousands of ppl were waiting for that day.. huhu.. by 4, I hav a talk about chem. Engineering.. there was no coverage in the room, so I made an excuse to go out.. haha.. I went out, and I called my parents again.. they said, the result still not out yet.. I did not enter thr lecture room, but I waited outside until my dad’s name appeared on the screen.. It was a msg from him, very simple, but very2 meaningful.. “shazwan dapat”.. I screamed, haha.. then, hp jd sibuk.. makcik pakcik ucap tahniah, my teachers, my frens, my sis, my bro pun.. rmai rupenye yg tlg checkkn my result.. haha.. thank u so much to all of u.. tgh giler2 luar lecture room, tau2 je talk tu dh hbs.. my frens kuar, n they saw me smiling smpai telinga.. so they knew lah ape dh jd, and they congratulate me as well.. the best day of my life.. the best birthday gift ever.. akhirnya, JPA yg kunantikan drpd kecil, menjadi kenyataan.. Alhamdulillah..

June.. I got out from UTP, and balik rumah semula.. so mksdnya, I was in UTP for only a week.. ok lah, at least I got the chance to see the most exclusive university in Malaysia.. nothing much happened in this month.. fifa world cup.. haha.. England lost, so I supported spain.. luckily they won.. for germany (ain) and Italy (am), tried lain kali ek.. hehe.. I watched the match Italy VS Slovakia (rsenye lah) kat kedai mamak with Ali, Abot and my bro.. poor am, Italy lost and mmg kene bahan hbs2 lah kn.. haha.. dh lah mlm tu mlm birthday die.. :p.. after the match, we went to sumwhere else.. I looked at my watch, n its already 12.00 am.. my bro was beside me, yet I texted him to wish him happy birthday.. haha.. the next day, I brought him to celebrate his birthday.. sorry lah klu kecil-kecilan jep.. just hope u enjoyed urself..


AJ said...

Wah! Namaku disebut dalam blog kau! ;p

Shazwan Sazali said...

terharu x? haha