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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Form 4

i wrote a bit about my life when i was in f5.. now, since im doing nothing rite now, so y not i continue with my f4 story? haha.. just want to share the story of mine to all of u.. owh yea, its 6.20pm now.. hehe..

Januari 2008, i found it a bit hard to suit myself in upper secondary.. subjek semakin sush.. when i looked at add maths for the 1st time, i was like, hey, what the heck was that all about? huuhuu.. objektif plak semakin ckit, subjektif n esei menjelma.. i was worried if i failed the first test in any of the subjects, but luckily, with all my frens n teachers helped, i didnt fail.. i was glad, n was happy with my achievement.. tp ape org kate f4 honeymoon year, i didnt really agree with that.. haha

Februari 2008, sy dpt tawaran ke STAR.. hepi gler, mak bapak pun sme, well, who wont? plus, im the eldest in my family, so for sure my parents was happy.. however, i was not sure whether to go or turn down the offer.. i didnt want to leave the school.. mak bpk plak, mule2 swuh g, tp lme2, dorg pun confuse... dan akhirnya, keptusannya, i stayed, haha.. n alhamdulillah, risiko yg sy ambil memberi pulgn kpd sy.. ramai yg pertikaikan my decision, but hey, i proved to them yg skolah biase pun leh berjaya score straight dlm spm.. n alhamdulillah jgk, sy berjaya dpt JPA.. thxs to SMKZR1.. (xyah r ckp psl ni, dh ckp dlm 1st note, huhu)

Mac 2008, memandangkan sy x g asrama, plak tuh, taun ni bkn taun exam, i really pushed myself to get involved in koko.. Pnylah bnyk pertndgn luar sekolah that i went, didnt enter the class almost 2 mothns if im not mistaken. Rmai cikgu yg dh mrh, tp nak wat cene, minat sy yg mendalam membuatkan aku terus bergiat aktif, hehe, demi menaikkan sekolah, i was willing to do anything.. hehe.. yg plg best, mestilah bahas ala parlimen.. ape2 pun, we lost this year to SMK Puteri Wilayah, atas alasan hakim, isi tidak kukuh.. other schools used the same points as we did, but they won! i was quite upset, but its ok, berjaya memebalas dndam mse f5.. hehe

April 2008, kem pengawas.. not much to tell about this.. but this camp really changed my life a lot.. haha.. for those yg tau cite, bguslh.. :)

Mei 2008, my birthday.. xingt sgt lh pe jd.. but i invited almost 20 ppl, yg dtg lebih kuang 6 je kowt.. haha.. xpelh.. for those yg hadir, tq..

Jun 2008-31Ogos 2008, ha, tempoh ni.. haha.. pun another momentos in my life.. <3.. hehe.. tp pkir2 skrg kn, my action was a bit childish.. mgkn kecik ag kowt, bru f4 kn.. lol

September 2008, pose.. haha, time nilah i moved to a new house.. punyalah mcm nak maut, huhu, brg pnylah bnyk nak angkat, dgn pose lg, mmg menguji keimanan tol.. tp Alhamdulillah, setelah skian lme menunggu, akhirmya, dpt jgk pndh.. thxs kpd sume yg telah menolong, sekalung penghargaan untuk anda sume...

Oktober 2008, raya.. duit mkin ckit, since dh semakin tua kn.. xdpt bnyk lh.. huhu

anyway, this is the only part of f4 that i remember.. haha.. ade sape2 nk tmbh, u can add by commenting this note.. really appreciate it.. n yea, this year bnyk up n down.. not as gud as f5, but it taught me how to be more mature in solving difficulties of life.. thxs to all.. :)

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