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Saturday, May 28, 2011

January - March 2010

12.40pm.. It’s the end of another year, again.. And a few days from today, ill be in intec again for my 2nd sem.. how fast the time flies, isn’t it? Anyway, here comes another note.. I enjoy writing so much, and that explains y I love English and BM the most compared to other subjects.. hehe.. okok, enough with all this nonsense and come back to the main reason or purpose of me writing this note.. here goes..

January.. hey, no more school.. haha.. I was enjoying myself like hell.. yalah, I don’t hav to wake up early to walk to school, dun hav to think about homework, u know, all the things that we did during school are over.. a few weeks after spm, I stayed at home, spent my time hanging out with my frens, u know, stuff that we can’t do if we r students.. hehe.. but, day by day, my wallet started to worn out.. so I thought of going to work and earned my own money.. so, pizza san Francisco was the place.. I was a waiter by the way.. what I did were taking people order, mopped the whole floor, cleaned up the toilet, etc.. credit to kak yaya, abg madi, sal n makcik liza yg xhbs2 gelak time kerja.. haha, I remembered one time, we planned to watch Adnan Sempit by 12am, since the kedai supposed to close by 11pm.. but that day, giler rmai org, 11.30pm pun still got a lot of customers.. haha.. kak yaya n liza dh siap dh, pkai bju mcm datin2 dh pun, but still hav to work.. cleaned up all the messes.. smpai2 dh 12.30.. but it was fun.. kene mrh ngan customer lah plg best, mcm nk pelangkong je kpla dorg smpai botak.. huhu.. anyway, I only worked there for a month, then, i quit.. :p

February.. remember I mentioned that I quit? Haha. It was not becoz I was tired with the job or what, but I received an offer from my ex-primary school, SJK(C) Mun Yee.. before this, I was a student in the school, pkai suar pendek, lari2 main kejar2, yelah, skul rendah, but this year, I entered the school again, but as a teacher! Haha.. guru ganti.. I taught standard 4 and 5 BM and seni.. Bm was fine lh, but seni? Haha.. some of the students were better than me kowt! Owh yea, the students.. haha.. some of them sgt2 cute, n questions yg kdg2 dorg tny made me laugh, x lupa jgk a few of them yg, Ya Allah, Tuhan sahaja yg maha mengetahui betapa degilnya dorg.. after school hour, there will be extra classes.. I was not asked to teach for the extra classes, but sometimes, a few senior teachers could not make it, so I was asked to replace them.. yg ni best.. becoz for the extra classes, most of the time, I entered 6M, the most excellent class in the school.. they are geniuses.. I asked them about things that I learned during F5 pun dorg can solve.. not all lah, but hey, they are standard 6.. superb lah kn.. owh yea, forgot to mention, I got extra pay if I attend the extra classes.. hehe.. the extra classes finished by 3.30.. then, I had to rush to sri rmpai becoz, ehem, hehe, I was a teacher, or rather a tutor at a tuition centre also.. I taught chemistry, add maths n maths for F4.. these are how I earned my money to support my living.. :p

March.. the climax.. SPM result.. I cant remember the exact date, but the result was released on this month.. and I got to know the result one day earlier, since my dad is working in Jabtan Pljrn KL.. I was at my working place, checking my students homework.. and suddenly, my dad called.. I was shivering, seriously.. ble jwb je phone call tu, my dad said that the result still in the process ape nth.. nnt dlu.. so I hav to wait again lah.. 2 hours later, my dad’s name was on my hp screen again.. I answered.. (moment of silence for like, 5, 6 minutes I guess).. THADA, the result, dh tau! Hehe.. was not my expectation anyway.. 7A+, 1A and 2A-.. my A- were physics and est.. a bit disappointed becoz of these A-, but, yea, at least I got straight A’s.. I tried to get straight A’s for UPSR and PMR, but I couldn’t.. 5A1B1C UPSR, 8A1B PMR.. SPM? Alhamdulillah, I did it.. after knowing the result, I couldn’t enter the class untuk mengajar, excited pny psl.. huhu.. what I did, msuk class, bg homework, n senyum sorg2 kat meja.. student pndg pun smcm je.. haha.. dun care, that day was my day dude! Esknya, I went to school to take my slip secara official.. berlakon lah jap, acting like I dunno anything.. tiba2, when Cikgu Bad announced nama2 students, I was shocked, sbb I was the best student of the school (based on the number of A+).. happy tahap maksima! My mom was there, and my dad was on her phone.. she was looking at me, and talking something to my dad.. and I was so proud to see her face smiling.. this is for u mom and dad! Without them, I couldn’t even be in this world.. n to all teachers, thxs to all of u too for making this happen.. my frens, especially 5BEST2009, my family, my sis, my bro, ILHAM MULYA, this is also for all of u.. thxs for supporting me.. thxs for being there in my life.. :’-)

-to be continued-

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