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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A new beginning

Im back to Cemara.. What a nice week of holiday i have back then.. But lets forget about dat n focus on the main target - 15 points for A-LEVEL.. I know its hard, but i'll try to push myself while praying to Allah, hoping for the best of me and my friends as well.. Besides that, im hoping to have a better life after this, to be stronger and better than before.. Still need time to change, to develop myself, but if its for good, i'll try my best to have it a go.. Pray for me.. Seriously, i dont want to be the previous Shazwan anymore.. The Shazwan that i knew from the 3rd and early of 4th semester was weak.. InsyaAllah, i'll try to change bit by bit and become the Shazwan from secondary school again, who was strong and never bother about small matter which can kill him from inside - or even better.. :-)

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Narma Kadir said...

I'll pray for you my dear, always will be, insyaAllah. You know what just believe in yourself, believe, in whatever you want to achieve, nothing is easy, although reciting ABC when, you were just three. Be yourself, move on, steer the wheel to the right direction, move forward and remember that all the bumps and holes are challenges towards reaching the destiny. The end of the road is not yet to be seen, enjoy the scenery, stop, once a while, just to be sure that you are in the right track,though sometimes we lost count, you can always count back, and I'll be there with you... just can't wait to visit your clinic!lieb dich